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Red Light Rescue
Red Light Rescue
Providing Motorsports Rapid Response Teams and Event Operations Staff

Photo of Fleet After Ojibwe 2005 (RLR Numbers-if different)
(Pictured L-R: Rescue One, Rescue (R10), Rescue 3 (R12), Rescue (R3), Rescue 2 (R11), Rescue 9, Rescue 8)
Not Pictured: Rescue 5, Rescue 6, Rescue 7, Rescue 41, Rescue 42, Rescue 51)
 Welcome to Red Light Rescue
 Wednesday, March 29 2017 @ 07:40 PM CDT

Headwaters and BIR

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Current NewsHello all

First things first, BIR stuff cause its shorter.

Red Light has a new first event this year. The Actuality of it is there are two events the same weekend.

Our first event is Slowpokes at BIR (May 20-21) and will be covered by Brandon and Jim on Saturday and I'll be joining them on Sunday.

For those of you that work BIR and those of you that might want to know I would like to pass along the following:
With permission:
Mike Nolta was diagnosed with cancer. It is in his upper lungs and effecting his vocal nerves and throat. Mike is in good spirits and has been in contact with me over numerous text messages. The cancer was caught early and with Mikes health in as good as shape as it is he has elected for the aggressive and more radical treatment approach. Between Chemotherapy and radiation they feel that he can beat this. Mike will be a little less active this year so if he's missing or you are thinking about him please say a prayer for him and his health. Mike has been a valued member of the Red Light Staff for may years and despite having to deal with some issues (that were later discovered to be the result of the medications he was on) Mike has been a good and loyal friend. He is in my thoughts and prayers and despite any issues you may have had with him in the past I hope that you will pray for his future health.

Headwaters May 20
Based out of the Northern Lights Casino again this year.
Room block and reduced rates are in place

Worker meeting will be between 8:00 and 8:30 (TBD) at the casino. 6 stages (3, break and 3 more) FCO anticipated at 10AM with last car back in by 19:00.

From an emergency services standpoint we will need three full stage ready medical teams for the starts, a Safety Sweep and at least two heavy sweeps for the event and a green light.

I will again be trying to cross train between the safety sweep and sweep teams, and think I know who wants to do green light.

We are about 6 weeks out and I just recently got the final details on the event. Please advise if you plan on being here to help.

I plan on being in town on Friday afternoon. Please advise if your planning on attending.
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New Year and New changes

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Current NewsThe annual Stockholder/Social is in the books. Once again a great time and my thanks to all who ventured out to visit.

I have gotten some calls and commitments from a number of the regular customers and have been informed that one of our clients wants to try something different this year.

As I was told by my parents a number of years ago, if you cannot say something nice about someone then say nothing at all. I'll follow that advice in this forum and format as it's sound advice. I will say, to be sure that we know to whom I am referring, the mutual corner staff at the track has made a number of comments about their employers over the years. I have not heard bad things about race groups or the track proper. So, let the chips fall were they may and hope for the sake of the race groups they don't have any unpleasant experiences as a result of their choices.

Red Light has our next event in May for the Headwaters Rally More to follow in e-mails later this month.

Stay Safe
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Annual Social

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Current NewsOnce again it's time for the Annual Social for Red Light Rescue

1/21 Start time officially is after 16:00 but you are welcome to help with set-up and prep if you choose to arrive sooner. Finish time is when you choose to head home or crash here for the night.
Location is at Red Light Headquarters here in Hopkins. Text or call me for directions.

We will have a number of munchies, Chili and a second entree. In the past we have had sloppy joes and build your own tacos. I am open to suggestion. Adult beverages will be provided but you are welcome to bring your own as well. There is also a planned brunch on Sunday for those that choose to stay or return Start time for that is 10:00.

It would be nice to get a head count for planning. if you are getting this invite you are welcome to attend. Friends are welcome as are any potential workers for Rally or Red Light Rescue.

I am taking requests for any specific beverages or munchies....See you in a few weeks.

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End of Year Wrap up

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Current NewsI hope that all of you have had a good thanksgiving.

Couple of items of note:

First my current employer has me with far less free time than the last one so these updates are a little farther between. Keep in mind that I am available by phone most every day as that is the preferred communication method of a professional driver. Texting is $2500.00 for the first offense in a truck.

Annual social is Jan 21 this year. Same drill as in the past. It would be nice to get a count for planning.

Schedules for BIR will be added as I get the dates.

I'll not be polictally correct so Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Stay safe and hope to see you in 2017.
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LSPR Details

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Operations NotesLast Update from home.

Teams As I show them today:
R1 - Ahles - r, Open
R2 - Rosholt -r, Open?
R3 - West - r, Preble
R4 - Peterson - r, Palmquist

Schedule details
Tuesday 9:00
R1 departs to Houghton to work Practice stages, Reece Sweep and Press stages before the event

Paid Practice Stage 8:00-12:00, 12:30-17:00 Close to Herman.
In Place 7:00
NO Worker Registration.

Recce 8:00-17:00
R1 sweep for same
Worker Registration noon-16:00, 18:00-22:00 Continental Fire Company
Pilgrim River About 19:30ish
Social follows (med and anyone else interested) Location TBD

Press stage 8:00-10:00 Airport
Registration 9:00-11:00 Continental Fire Company
Medical meeting TBD. Check at Registration or FB groups
Rally 13:40-23:30

Rally 10:40-18:30
Awards Dinner 19:00 (awards follow at 20:00) MUB MTU
Social Follows - Location TBD

See you there if you are going. Safe Travels.
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Audi Schedule/LSPR

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Current NewsHere is the schedule for Audi. Last LSPR update on Sunday

I don't think I need any corner workers for the parade laps.

Schedule - Saturday October 8th:
7:00 Gates Open
7:30-8:15 Registration
8:15-8:35 Drivers meeting
9:00-12:00 Track Hot
11:00-11:30 Class on "How to gain an extra tenth" (optional, but recommend attending one of the two sessions)
12:00- 1:00 Lunch (Track is cold) (The Wheelie Bar will be open)
12:50-1:00 Parade Laps
1:00-1:10 Side-by-Side Exercise (2 laps) (optional)
1:10-3:30 Track Hot
1:30-2:00 Class on "How to gain an extra tenth" (optional, but recommend attending one of the two sessions)
3:30-3:45 Break (Track is cold)
3:45-6:00 Track Hot ​
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Audi, LSPR

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Current NewsBIR stuff. List for Audi is confirmed. You should have seen a note from Bob.


Room Block is gone. Used up.

R1 - Ahles-r, Open
R2 - West-r Preble
R3 - Rosholt-r, unknown
R4 - Erickson-r, Hardacker
R5 - Peterson-r, Palmquist

That is the latest from the white board and my aged memory.

I intend to depart Tuesday for the Practice Stages on Wednesday. I have one roll-away spot taken and room for at least 1 more in my room. I have very little on this years schedule and am guessing things will be like past years. As of this writing I do not know if there is a press stage and if it's Thursday night or Friday morning.

Pilgrim River Thursday night please. Can someone let Al know please?

If I get any further info I'll update.
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October BIR Staffing

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Current NewsStill looking for 4 corner staff for the 10/8 event with Quattro

Currently show Ahles, Anderson, Nolta, Bradford, A Breitbach.

Please let me know If you can be part of the event.

Side note

If you are a member of the RLR Staff Group on facebook I have an FYI post for staff there.

If not I have two options:
I can E-mail it to you
get on Facebook, Friend me and ask to join the RLR Staff group. That group is not searchable and is intended to be a contractor only group.

There is also a Red Light group there that is for public consumption and is searchable .
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September Updates

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Current NewsOjibwe is over and it's time to move into the September and October events.

Racing stuff first

PCA is Ahles and Anderson

Quattro is 10/8 I was thinking it was 10/1 my error The list is open for this event. The names that I think I have so far for this event are, Ahles, Anderson, Nolta, Bradford, A Breitbach. that leaves 4 corner spots open


based on FB discussions and a couple of assumptions this list currently looks like this:

R1 - Ahles-r,
R2 - West-r,
R3 - Rosholt-r,
R4 - Erickson-r, Hardacker

Vandermark-r is on the fence at this time with a schedule conflict. Peterson and Saba had expressed interest but I have not heard from them.

The room block for Red Light had 6 court side rooms in it. 4 have been spoken for including myself, Jerry was not aware of the block so he is not part of the count for rooms.

My travel plans are the same as prior years with departure on Tuesday and return on Sunday., The rest of the group I would expect to see Thursday evening as in the past.

Elmer is part of this mailing and these groups so any updates you send will get passed along.

Stay safe and advise me of any changes
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Ojibwe Update 8/20

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Current NewsHello All,

Ojibwe starts Friday. All the planning and preparation come together this weekend. I think I have the 5 medical teams and 4 sweeps and a Safety Sweep team I needed. Life has a way of derailing these plans so I can still use a plan B. If you want to help we can still use you.

Dates: 8/26-27
Rally 101 for responders 9:15 Pavilion on Friday

Medical/sweep meeting to follow worker meeting on Friday.

I HAVE your Tee Shirts. SEE me for them

Devon and I have our usual rooms at the Americinn. Contact us for space if you wish to share.

Currently plan on staffing 5 medical teams and 4 sweep teams. I am believe I have staffing for the practice stages on Wednesday. 10:00 to 20:00.

Current plan has Andy and Phillip staffing a spectator locations on Friday and Saturday.

I have Robert and Adam as a medical.

As for sweep, Stacy and Shane can work the safety sweep function

R1 - Paul Ahles-r, Joseph Ahles, (Steven Ahles)
R2 - Steve Hartman-r, Micki Hartman
R3 - Devin West-r, Samantha
R4 - Robert, Adam-r
R5 - Andy Robinson
R6 - Patrick Callahan
Safety Sweep - Shane Cole, Stacy
VIP - Stacy's Associates
S1 - Richard Klute, Passenger
S2 - Robert Dion, open
S3 -
S4 -
GL - James LeCuyer, Ashley Kay

As for the event:
I'll be heading up Tuesday At this point and working the practice stage Wednesday.

We can use help bannering on Thursday, and the Rally 101 for the new folks on Friday AM. Debannering on Sunday if you are interested.
Attached from Rallymaster pro

Volunteers are still needed in all specialties for the 2016 Ojibwe Forests Rally on August 26 & 27.
We have 45 registered competitors with the race two weeks out. It’s going to be a great event.

Online registration is now open at

Early registration will be on Thursday the 25th from 6 to 9 pm at the Pavilion, and Friday registration is from 9-12 at the same place. We’ll have a brief worker meeting at 1:00 and first time volunteer training at 1:30 before leaving for the woods. Be sure to bring food and water for the day, and bring extra insect repellant.

I am looking for a small group of volunteers to help me on Tuesday evening to banner Wednesday’s practice stages. If you are able to help out, please shoot me an email. Right now, I plan to meet at the Rock Creek Store (Itasca Service area) at 6pm Tuesday evening, and head out to the 2 practice stages to banner them.

Bannering for the competition stages will be on Thursday morning again this year. Bannering will be in 2 groups, one at 8am at the old Pamida in Park Rapids (directly across Hwy 34 from the Super 8), the second group at the same location at noon. If we get enough help in the morning, we hope to be able to pick up the 2nd group on our way from the Friday stages to the Saturday stages. Any help that you can provide is welcome. You don’t need to stay the whole day, so if you have other commitments, just let us know when you need to go. The more help we have, the shorter the task is for everyone.

Almost as important as bannering, is de-bannering on Sunday. Anyone who doesn't need to head out right away after the event is invited to take part in the final effort to clean up after a great week. Our banner chief will be sending out a detailed email later this week to all who have registered for bannering.

Bring a friend too, no experience necessary, so bring someone and introduce them to rally!

Thanks in advance for your help.

Jonathan Atkins
Chief of Controls
2016 Ojibwe Forests Rally
RallyMaster Pro
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